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Sorry my bad peeps, I thought these posted. Making a 250-275ppm 5.9PH mix currently...will swap in on these girls first n see what happens. If things go as I assume I’ll be running some cal/mag through the humidifier so I don’t have to futz with it in mix 🤭✌️

    • are you going to plant those in a medium soon?

      calmag in your humidifier? 

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      • Once roots pop....hell ya lol. Yea my humidifier has a essential oil spot...already keeping room at 80% humidity... might as well feed through Foliar with that warranty item hahaaaha 🤣🤣🤣

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      • For the people that wanna comment just to comment...to get more stats...get their own shitty opinion out without actually talking about it like these places are supposed to be about.                  Do both of us a favor & don’t comment on any other posts of mine please, as I don’t need em. Doin just fine on my own thx👌✌️

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