Somewhat up...definitely running 🌱✌️👌

Been a while peeps. Hope everyone is well, here’s what we got goin on. 

Strain-  Super skunk Fem.

Nutes-  Micros+Minor trace (powder).  Grow Fuel(Veg Nutes).  Foliar black strap Molasses once/in soil flush once a week.

 Light-  In picture—1000w**/more info if needed. 

Soil-  Fox Farm Ocean Forest

Temp- 70-80

Passive door exhaust till tomorrow, fan & many other goodies coming including a tent. Ordering either Gorilla Glue, Bruce Banner or Banana Kush from ILGM tonight....maybe I’ll post a poll for favorite lol. Anyway I’ll update soon. Any Q’s welcome...Keep it stony my friends ✌️🌱

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    • I like ILGM but they are kind of pricey! Ive grown Banana Kush but that was from Dank seeds. Id be very interested in comparing grow notes if you grow it. I found that it feeds pretty heavy especialy in flower.  

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