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OD Powdery Mildew

 OK, folks, need some advice.

Tired of picking off leaves, and today I pulled 2 small buds, because of PM.

From what I've read milk and water is about the safest way to go.

So, anybody ever done it? They say to spray the plants in full sun, because it activates the lactic acid. But I'm really spooky about spraying my girls in the sunshine. We all know that's a no-no.

Never had this issue ID. Bugs, yes, PM, no. OD, it's PM, and no bugs!!

Old Dog is needin some new tricks!!!

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    • I had that for the first time this year too. I used the Hydergine Peroxide  method and it seemed to help but you need to do that every few days and I honestly dont know if it will stop it completely, I think I read it on GWE. I read the milk remedy and something about warm wet weather and milk just sounded bad to me.   


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      • I used neem oil essential oil and it got rid of it BUT it changes the taste of your weed a lot and NOT in a good way.

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        • I learned my lesson with that stuff. It will never touch my plants again, I tossed the weed and the neem oil and I will chop them before I use it again

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        • i dont know how outdoor growers do it! you gotta have a level of control!

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          • H Peroxide is the way to go. Spray early in the morning and keep on a 3 day schedule for a couple weeks. No neem,  RBS is right, it will leave a bad taste on the plant. Do you have a pic. Stay on it !

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            • I have ( over the years ) just accepted about a %5 loss of buds per crop . I did however start spacing my plants further apart and that helps . Also tried a fan outdoors and that helped a little . I finally just gave up the%5 and moved on , too much trouble . Texas has some brutal humidity , especially at harvest , sucks but those giant grasshoppers are worse . Sacrifice some weed to avoid chemicals that ruin your reason for growing your own .

              Peace !!!

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              • Bushdoctor Force of Nature is good. 

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                • Never heard of it but I will give it a try on outside plants if I need too. 

                  That seems more of an insecticide than for mildew or do I not understand mildew? 

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                • It's designed to take care of pm on cannabis. I know some growers who use sulphur based products for mites and pm. I try not to use anything in the last 3 or 4wks. 

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