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This is what I do to dissipate heat. 3 fans on lights .one fan on driver. Temps 78f @80% on dimmer. Fyi I will probably never use 100% in this 4x4x6.5. To be honest it is too much light but I may want to upgrade to a 5x5, that was a big reason in my decision. FYI humidity helps with temps as well. I have noticed if i drop my rh to 45% the temps rise to 80f ,just something I noticed when my humidifier ran out of water. Now the coverage is awesome no dark and light spots when I check with my meter lol

Keep your electronics as cool as you can for durability and better environment.

    • I have 2fans on the driver for the lights the room temp is 78 -82. I have 2 box fans inside the tent for air circulation in tent this is in my 4×5 tentthat hID cranks out the heat for sure

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      • That a clean setup man.help with disease issues 

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