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Just got my first order of genetics from delicious seeds today. I can say I am more than happy with the amount of freebies they send out. Ordered on Dec 29th and just received today. Not to mention we had a week long blizzard! Anyone ever grown the eleven roses auto? Also sugar black roses? 

    • yeah delicious seeds have good strainz...i have quite a few of their strains in my collection...ive grown Sugar Black Rose Photo..fems..i have some regs too of that..ive mixed SBR in several strans too..is good mixes

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      • CHAs about to order from them for the first time so glad to hear.also North Atlantic seed has some good strains.Mephisto genetics also although a bit pricey.Avg.22 $ a seed

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        • Mephisto Generics at North Atlantic Seeds are only 40-48 bucks for 3 seeds...lot cheaper than 22 bux a seed elsewhere

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          • When you go on Mephistos site it shows 20 - 22 for a seed but if you click on your choice you see the lower price for 3 seeds. Besides one seed is like one shoe lol

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