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🌱🌟 Hurry! Time is running out! 🌟🌱

For a limited time, we've been offering a remarkable deal that allows you to receive twice as many seeds for the same price. It's as simple as it sounds: purchase one packet of seeds, and we'll throw in another absolutely free!

But don't wait too long! This fantastic offer is about to come to an end.

You have only a few more days to make the most of this incredible opportunity to expand your garden, enhance your grows, or simply have more fun experimenting with new strain varieties. 🌿🌈

The sale ends October 30, 2023. Don't miss out on this green-thumb paradise! 🌻🌱


    • Is this the same as your deal of buy 50$ n you double the order because I want try make one more order before it ends tks

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      • oficially a mistake made in that mail but we have to honor it if asked lol as we already send out that mail :P 

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