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First,thank you.  :-)

Second,I misspoke and should have said plate method instead of dish method. (Seed in a folded wet paper towel between two plates) 

I've started seeds this way before but this was the first one that did not grow straight out of the seed. Instead,it curled. So, planting it root down  was not all that straightforward. So,I sort of cradled it in and will know in a day or three how it turned out.

    • we call it the paper towel method here. no one really uses dishes. the reason dishes are recommended is cause it traps the moisture.

      when you start to use the paper towel method more often you will find it easier and more convenient to put the damp towel in a plastic bag. i  like to throw the plastic bag in the trunk of my car during the day. leave it for a day or two and you will usually be successful. (one tip: you just want the paper towel moist. not soaking wet)

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