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I think it's called Rodelization. That's we're nature finds a way. The female gets lonely and fertilizes herself. Lots of plants do like this all the time.

    • one of the glookies last run had one or 2 points of interest( nanner) thinking anything in that tent that has a seed are x with the glookie. it happens even if there are no stressors. My clones haven't shown this propensity to self reproduce so it may have been environmental issue that only affected the glookie in that tent.

      fun with genetics! yay!

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      •        I believe the newer led light boards with more blue,green, and just generally less concentration of far red like from hps. The full spectrum promote a few nanners and if  the plant gets nanners and the others do not, you are blessed with some F1 hybrids with different but probably the same strain, different pheno parents. I had some manatuska do a small amount of Rodelization and got 4 viable seeds. Grew 3 out in a 4x4x7 scrog in coir/perlite w GH flora,about a lb give or take some of a lb.  Here is just a small amount of some. Rosin I pressed earlier:

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        • How was the smoke ? I grew Man. Tundra way back in the 80's. Rock hard, slender donkeys !! This was right at the beginning of havin seed banks. 

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