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So been starting… AGAIN. 

So… I popped one, placed in soil. I admit I am frustrated. After 36+ hours that the seed hasn’t broken above ground, I got impatient. I dug to see what was going on. I tried to pull it out but it seems it was holding on. So I didn’t pull it. I just took a picture. I was just meaning to ask if this truly will surface and is alive. 

Yes, I’ve been frustrated and it led to my impatience as I have disturbed it. Maybe I expected too much that after a day it will surface, and it didn’t. So… 

    • i dig searching for my seedling that don't sprout like most all the time 24h-36h  after transplant. No matter manipulating them carefully a little.

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      • She'll be fine. Maybe after she gets straightened out you could add media or transplant if necessary. Let her dry out a little too. 

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        • Glad to hear your doing ok, lots of folks were getting worried

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