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I’m on my first outdoor grow and so for so good. 

Thru the veg state I’ve been lightly spraying down my plants every other day to keep ‘em fresh and for pest mgmt. 

Currently I’m in W3 of Flower Is it ok to keep watering them down through flower? 

Plants are Gorilla Glue, Super Silver Haze, Bruce Banner and Pure Power Plant.  

    • Well once they get going on the bud humidity should be kept lower. So I would refrain from too much water once budding gets serious. Spraying them too often, unless you are in an arid place, can lead to mold among other things. 

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      • u want 2 b very care full don't spray the buds with pesticides u will ruin the buds but i don't grow outside 2 much bud rotte ......

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        • Thats the ironic part, they love foliar feeding in flower and so does mildew, bud rot and a dozen other things that you dont want so I stop about 2 weeks after I see pistils and I only spray when the lights are out otherwise its gremlin city.

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