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I stopped by my local hydroponics store, New England Hydroponics, and picked up some rapid rooters and looked at their C02 setups. They had an Autopilot rig for $300 and change, I was a heartbeat from pulling the trigger and starting down that road and I decided there is no rush and I should shop a bit first, I got home and Amazon had the same unit for $200, and I almost pulled the trigger again but to be fair I sent the hydro store a message with the Amazon link and asked if they match prices. Sure enough they do, I will gladly pay a little more to keep the local store in business.  I wont ask them to price match the regulator, hose or tank and I will pay about $50 more but totally worth it in my opinion.     

Of course me being me now I wonder if everything they have is marked up that much.  

    • Same here. My hydro Store as well. 

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      • i know my local shop gets seeds for 45 and sells them for 120.thats a pretty good mark up.i have been  going there there for a couple years so i get them at cost if i order them when he places his orders.

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