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Now ask me how I know, lol. I have some of those packs with regs in them that Nirvana never offered on their site, like Aurora Indica, Sterling Haze. No matter really we got lots of breeding we can do  and thats why I bought them

    • i have 5 Aurora Indica regs from nirvana from 2016 in my collection

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      • What kind of packaging did they come in?

        I have 10 Aurora Regs in the same packaging as the ones pictured here, there is always a chance mine are the real deal but I have my suspicions. 

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        • my aurora regs are in the Nirvana packages ya get now days but back then they was like 10 seperate spaces for each seed..came in 10s

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          • I just popped some Lemon OG Haze that were in one of those containers. I preferred those over the new ones. Actually I like Nirvana's packaging the best, a little pressure on the pack and the seeds stick to the label and as you pull it off a seed pops out. Give me 10 seeds in a plastic bag and I will drop at least 2 of them

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