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snoops punch

just found some spider mites on my snoops punch.its already flowering anybody know a safe way to get rid of them without ruining the buds? thanks in advance ive never had to deal with mites before. i believe i got them on a clone from a local shop.figured coming from a grow shop would be safe. i know rooky mistake.i have 4 plants that i found them on in the tent beside the snoops punch tent. or should i throw out the whole lot and start over from seeds?

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    • im just a little leery on spraying stuff on buds that makes it harmful for smoking. would rather start over than have something that's bad for you to smoke if you know what i mean. i have alot of seeds to start over just the waste of light and fan time with the nutrients.

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      • or you can hit them with some Diatomaceous Earth (DE) my brand comes with a cool little dust applicator. The brand is Harris and you can get it on Amazon. That or ladybugs which are cool and fun to watch if you are not too far alog into flower


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        • Diatomaceous Earth (DE)works wonders for a lot of things just make sure it's the food grade kind.

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        • im in week 5 of flower including two weeks of stretch time for the 12/12 flip

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          • Mighty by NPK.  

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            • Ahhh brother thats bad!!! Spider mites are nasty…hmmm

              Well 5 weeks flowering…so flowers are still all white hairs, no smell and not sticky right!!!

              Well you should start all over and make sure your space is clean I mean bleach clean!!!

              Now if you really want to keep those mity plants maybe you could spray a solution of very light detergent, vinegar and lime juice and water solution and spray on the plant. Let it stay a few minutes and rinse completely with water… don’t let it stay too long the acidity will kill the mites and the plant as well

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              • i pitched everything and done a complete peroxide clean out.

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