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Weedportal is NEAR perfect~except...

Thanks for welcoming me  back~

weedportal is near perfect now! the pics come out great except maybe for the amount you can add to a post but no big deal... it uploads fast! 

I aee two problems:

1. The posts get lost and become posts of themselves instead of sticking with the original thread

2. "auto~like"     weedportal.... dont say i like a post or think its funny when i never clicked a damn thing!! dont put words in my mouth when im not even here.

Thank you

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    • Agree,  chasing threads can get exhausting sometimes.  😊

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      • I dont even try any more

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      • Totally agree. Great you are back again. 

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        • Agree!!!!

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          • personally i see alot of so called errors but they are included with the free wp so we dont charge extra for it ;)

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            • some folks will always whine about stuff when they dont understand how things werk,,,

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              • but he is my hero guys i want 2 grow up and b just like him a dam good grower i know how he is rough and the edges just like me and i do control myself after 70 years it did not take long at all for me 2 learn !!    PS this is some dam good smoke BLUEBERRY FEM hell yea !!

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                • Riff Raff is a relative term...

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                • I'm sorry this post backfired. i wasnt trying to start trouble.

                  My problem is mainly with the 'auto~likes' and ill tell ya why...  About one year ago, king had a problem with something and it showed that i gave a 'ha-ha' smilie face to his misfortune. I did NOT.

                  Made me look like a fookin jerk. king might recall the event.  

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                  • You don't owe anyone an apology. There was nothing wrong with your post. Sometimes a totally innocent conversation goes off the rails at no fault to anyone. We all have different options and sometimes they cross. No worries 

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                    • Dont worry Sub you did not said anything wrong nor did you cross any line, i am aware of the problem and like i mentioned i see more errors myself but there is not much we can do about it unfortunally so we all have to live with it.

                      And i can understand its anoying as f when some1 autolikes even when the person is not online, i myself can check when people are online and when they were online and i can see ppl online that are not online or it shows me ppl were not online but in fact they were online... its anoying as f but there are flaws we have to live with i guess

                      So dont worry bro, we are all aware this is Weedportal and we all know it has flaws as usual lol


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