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Water EC is 850 out the faucet?

My question is, can I make a 850 EC and 450 ppm work in a coco high frequency fertigation setup or is a RO system totally necessary. Buying water in jugs is not an option. 

Secondly, what kind of RO system at a minimum would I need to make my auto water system work? 5 stage, 7stage, too many choices. 

Thanks for the help.✌🏻

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    • I have just a cheap 100-200 buck system off Amazon. Have to make sure to watch it asi t doesn't shut off by itself. Had a oops once or twice. Works great here drops it to 30 from 300 good enough. Really I could just use tap 300 isn't bad but this is nice to remove metals and  some of the chemicals. Simple small 5 stage is all and 2x50 gal barrels to store it.

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      • Thanks Mark, my carbon and sedement filter removes down to 5 microns but now I'm starting think maybe my meter is off. My pH is pretty steady at 7 which is good. Idk, I'm just trying to make sure I've got my ducks in a row when I get this new grow up and running. 😳

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      • Damn dude, are you getting water from Mexico? I suggest calling Culligan, they will let you know what you need to do to make that ok to bathe in 

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        • Our water is as hard as the back of Abe Lincoln's head!

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          • im just gonna go off and question the accuracy of your meter. can you check it against a sample of distilled (not drinking or spring water)?

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            • I'll have to stop at the store tomorrow and pick a couple gallons. This is a brand new meter although its kinda cheap. I hope it's out of calibration. I really don't want to buy a ro system. Cuts into the new light fund and I still have my nutrients and coco and perlite and and and! I hope this investment is worth it. 

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            • what kind of meter do you have? you might need to get calibration solution and calibrate it. 

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              • Not sure of the make, 20 bucks on ebay? Had good reviews? Now I'm starting to wonder. Gonna do like sub said and get some distilled water and see what it reads and go from there. Ec of distilled is .5 to 3 according to google.🙂

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