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Auto watering

Do you guys have any recommendations for a good quality auto feeding system? Im not liking mine much, its really inconsistent and gets clogged really easily

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    • I got one off of Amazon for under 40 bucks. Not super happy with it but it does work. 

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      • There is a learning curve there even if they say otherwise. But I think the thing missed by everyone is the more established they are the better it works. And we usually get things going quicker in other systems. The slow start is deceiving,  I think. Did kind of a scatter gun type approach treating each a bit differently with the 2 systems I set up, flower, veg.

        1 plant treated like I would normally as a hydroponic,  it was slow very slow to get going. The others I tried to do as they said more or less, a couple I turned on the air early, a couple I fed organics in the bottom, added it top feeding one. 

        And it has evolved,  so I think the autos that are in the veg tent today are going to do well. I am letting 2 Black Sugars veg for a bit. And 3 started flower +1 week now.

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        • i use the flora flex system and I'm happy with it. recirculates back to the res. i change the res every two weeks to help keep the salt build up down in the coco.

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          • Ive been eyeing this set up for a while now, seems pretty cool but yeah its a bit pricey haha. Maybe in the future when the tent pays up the investment. But this jack321 im using is by a drain to waste system so im unsure on how it will work. And dont really want to change nutes

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            • I've never tried the jack321 so not sure how it would do

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              • I use Jacks in RDWC and a Drain to Waste setup, with no issues but I mix it one at a time in warm water and dump that in the res. I love it. 

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              • They are really simple to make, a tote for a res, a submersible pump, connected to a manifold, a timer, and some hose. I use an air pump & air stone on mine and halo rings instead of the drip feed emitters but either or both will work.  

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                • Thanks CPW, yea i want to make one like that, my $40 dlr wifi/smart toy is not really working how i want too. It clogges very easily and some plants get water and other dont, hell ineven got water all over since it ran over and spill all the outside floor cuz it eas feeding only 1 plant and all the water went to her. So yea ingot everything pretty much to make a diy one, wavemaker, airstone, 20g res, and tubing. Just need a good recommendation on the type of pump and that manifold u mention what is that? (excuse my spelling i hate auto spelling) 

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