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how come I can't press any rosin out of my buds? shouldn't something come out of 1 gram? I weighed out 1 gram and after squeezing it it still weighed the same, so nothing is coming out. the first time  tried it it worked great just like in the videos, but not with my buds, was with ones I bought, and the next I got didn't give any either. granted I'm using a cheap straightening iron, but it can change temp from 170-400 by10s. like I said it worked with the weed I had when I got it. matter a fact it worked twice on each bud I tried.

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    • Get a real press.

      You don't need the $6000 top of the line gold plated machine.

      Mine was only around a buck and a half, and I love it.

      If you're gonna do it, do it right.

      Also, and I feel like a real dick for saying it, BUT...

      Are you growing dispensary quality weed? Not trying to offend. The two determining factors here are quality of the press, and quality of the weed. Operator know how is the third factor, but if you know enough to press dispensary weed, you know enough to press homegrown.

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      • That is an interesting way to rate your weed. I used to design and build reform dies for titanium,  10-30 ton presses with dies heated to 1750°F in an argon atmosphere. Too much? I will bet someone has tried it.

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        • I ran a 175 ton LVD CNC press brake at my shop for years.  Damn near squeeze a penny so hard a booger would out of George Washington's nose.


          Bending in argon atmosphere at 1750* is just badass!!!

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          • They did a lot of super plastic forming at one company I worked for.  The guys that loaded that press had to wear asbestos suits and would dehydrate to death in 60 minutes or something like that.  

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          • the use of a strong hydraulic press is as important as the heat to press out rosin

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            • That's all it really takes, pressure and time. That and a big damn poster.

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