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I might give that a try, thanks for the advice! The plant is ready for flushing, so I might as well try it, it can't hurt.

Next time, I'm gonna use a flat air stone that covers the bottom of the tote.

7 gallon tote, can fit about 5 gallons of solution to keep it an inch or two below the net pot.

Believe it or not, that's an air stone in the middle, the roots put a strangle hold on the airstones, it kinda looks like a figure 8 if you lift up both sides.

Just topped the main stem at the 5th leaf set. Didn't tie or bend it or anything. Nirvana Autos are awesome.

Also, the plant got too much light for about 2 weeks and dried out the tops a little. When I finally checked it, it was about 950, and the DLI was upwards of 62 moles in 18 hrs.

It's really DWC, with one venturi misting the top roots every half hour. I keep the water level about 2" lower than the net pot. Kind of an experiment this time around.

Blue Dream Auto, approximately 3 weeks from harvest. Aero/DWC Combo box, 200 Watts LED.

Topped once, at 5th leaf set. No real training.

I got this seed from Nirvana, about a year ago. 

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