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I've never used the full set, but I have used the bud candy, and gotten pretty fat buds. Have you tried General Hydroponics. I have had good results with it for years.

I tested this at full power before I planted and at 12" my meter reads about 1350 par. This would literally fry an auto at 16 hours per day, so I see what you're saying.

Light is 24" above the plant. At 25% power I'm getting ~300 par. I used my standard dose of great white, about a quarter of a scoop in 3 gallons, and a few drops of GH rapid start as I usually do. I ordered some hydroguard yesterday as many have suggested. I will definitely try it before I start over. I keep the water temp. Between 65-70°f. Thanks for the link. I will read into it.

Manufacturer recommends 12" from top of plant, however at 12" it reads ~550 par. IMO this is way too much for how the plant looks right now.

5 weeks old and no growth for about 2 weeks. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, but this one has stopped growing. What do you guys think? This has never happened before. Ph 5.9, genhydro 3 part, humidity around 50%, temps 70-75°f.  Worst thing is there are very few roots. Usually at this point they are coming out everywhere, but there is only about 3 very thin root shoots, about 10" long. I don't think its the light.

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