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I scored these from seedsman. I'm only asking because these aren't sold at Nirvana, and I've wanted this in autoflower for a long time. Thanks fir the confirmation guys!

Yeah, I have one. I get it out for special occasions😉

This is pressed rosin. I have a pen for concentrates.

You can make some fast and easy vape juice for a liquid vape by mixing about a gram of wax/rosin with some pg or vg, but im my limited experience, it doesn't taste very good.

I've never tried the dedicated thinners as yet as RbtAsc mentioned.

That is one healthy looking plant. Nice thick stalk!

Yup, this is from just the leaf trim from the Zkittles Auto over a 150 micron silk screen.

I did 3 runs over the screen, had about a freezer bag full of sugar leaf.

See, I knew these guys would help.

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