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OK, I've been shopping for lights again. I think I found one that fits the bill but wanted to pass it by the group and see what everyone thought (especially if you are familiar with the brand at all). Remember I'm looking at it for a 4x4x7 grow tent. Looks very good with 700 real watts and an $80 rebate makes which makes it only $446.99 all on top of what looks like some very good specs (too good maybe??????). Thanks in advance for the feedback. UPDAYDAY UU7000 LED Grow Light Sunlike Full Spectrum Grow Lamp 5x5ft for Indoor Plants Grow Room Veg and Bloom Dimmable Thermometer Hygrometer Timer : Patio, Lawn & Garden

I went to graduate school in southern mississippi in the 80s. One of my friends took a bunch of us out to a private club out in the sticks telling us he had heard there was going to be some really good music there that night. Turns out it was one of the old old private "black clubs" from way back and whenever BB King was in the area he would drop in and play a couple of sets. I have no idea how my friend got wind of it but the music was GREAT! 

New picture at ~8 weeks old (2 days short of). She is just shy of 40" tall and moving on to budding. 

Just a minor update, The Original glue has finally flipped .... i see the pistols with a 10x loop now. 

It may be more expensive than I would like to spend but I MUST SAY their literature has an impressive list of grow lights and some of the more pertinent specs. Its worth a visit to their web site just for that.

Appreciate the input. I agree with everything you are saying. My opinion is it would make a good 4x4 tent light but 5x5 is pushing it a bit. That being said, most of the ~400watt lights don't quite make it for a 4x4 and the ~640 watt high output lights are a bit too intense in some spots for the 4x4 area. From my looking the other light that closely fits the bill is  MARS HYDRO FC-E4800 480W COMMERCIAL LED GROW LIGHT. Similar price, lower wattage, but over a 4x4 area looks like a very even illumination in the right intensity requirements.  I'm still shopping but I probably wont make a decision until late December (my wife  complains that I take too long researching everything I buy, to the point I miss good deals while I wait and look. LOL).

Added a post LED Grow Light Groplanner LED Bar Grow Light 5x5 Coverage Daisy Chain Dimmable Full Spectrum Grow Lamps for Indoor Veg Flower Plants Greenhouse LED Growing Light Actual Power 640 Watts : Patio, Lawn & Garden


Anybody familiar with this brand of grow light? specs looks pretty good for a 4x4 area but I will defer to wiser and more experienced heads than mine ... such as those on this website. Take a look and give me any thoughts. I'm getting ready to upgrade from a 2'x4'x6' grow tent to probably a 4'x4'x7' tent. Upgrade will probably take place in January because I will be using it until December and it will take a while to get the present gear out and then cleaned up around it .... you know all the crap that has accumulated behind and around over the years. Still in the planning stages, but pretty sure I will get it all together after the new year (christmas present  from me to me  cool)

congrats on the 22 years, its hard to make it that long sometimes. Well worth it (at least in my case) but it still can be tough at times. May you have many more happy years together!

Just a comment on yield. Maybe my experience is different than others but I have found yield is more tightly tied to number of square feet under cultivation than number of plants. For example, when I first started I grew 4 plants in a 3'x3' grow chamber and harvested ~6-7 oz total (1.5 oz/plant). More recently, I have harvested over 8oz from a single plant in the same grow chamber. My experience is under normal to good grow conditions 1 oz per square foot should easily be attainable and often times more. Of course there are a bazillion other factors than can kill your yield that will need to be controlled or at least understood but if I can get anything like that then anyone can. 

Been kind of busy today but after your statement yesterday I went back and took a closer look at the Original glue in the picture and I hate to admit it but you may be right and it hasn't flipped yet. I've got two plants growing and they are both autoflowers (original glue and critical). Critical flipped and I looked at the original glue and saw the stipules not the pistols and just assumed they were what I was looking for and never went back and checked. In my defense, I'm getting older and without reading glasses I cant see much clearly that is small anymore. I made an assumption and as usual it came back to bite me!

That being said it does bring up two other points I would like to bring up. First, what did you see that said “not flowering” didn't think my camera was that good to be able to see that fine of detail.

Second, is “damn its going to get too tall again!!!”. If that plant hasn't hit its stretch yet then it will soon be up into the lights once it does flip. Any suggestions as to how to deal with that?? Last time the plant got away from me, I tried some severe training and some very late trimming to keep the buds out of the hot lights, but I must admit I was only partially successful. Lost quite a bit of growth in the cuttings.

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