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I agree. Before I blame anything on nutes and such I will check pH (and check my calibration on my pH meter, my meter went bad in the middle of the grow one time, and I didn't realize it). So far iin my growing experience, most of the time my plant has shown issues it has been a pH issue not directly too much or too little of any nutrient.

two more pics of the same girl

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Just thought I'd post a couple of pics. She is an original glue, supposed to be an autoflower but she didn't flip on her own so I treated her like a photoperiod. Severe trimming of the upper branches to keep her out of the lights but managed to keep a lot of buds 6" or more inches from the lights. She's in week 9 of flowering and looks like she may be ready 2-3 weeks (just in time for christmas). Lots of hard glistening buds ~6" long. 



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I drop mine in distilled water for 24 hours (push them under the water to make sure the seed coat is wetted well). Then I put them in a damp paper towel until the root emerges. After that I put them in the little two inch pressed cardboard planting cups with fox farms soil mixed with perlite(I think its two inches .... about the size of a dixie cup). Once the seedling is up and the seed coat has been removed I plant this cup in my 10" netpot full of hydroton clay pellets which is in my hydroponics setup already. Then just its grow grow grow!!!

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pretty pretty pretty, makes my mouth water just looking at it. I love really good bud-porn!!

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Ok now that Thanksgiving has passed its now time to start putting up the vhristmas decorations. I started with my favorite christmas tree in my own grow tent. Enjoy the bud-candy!! 


Merry Christmas to all, and may it be a GREEN new year!!!

I grow only for myself and as such between the lights, electricity, nutes, etc., etc., the seeds are a very small part of the cost. I have been very happy with my service at Nirvana so i'll probably keep on using them but it does give me pause. Plus I want to watch and see what the sales are like. I almost always buy when a seed is on sale. That said I believe this will definitely negatively impact their sales in the US.

Again update on this plant. After topping and trimming I got the girl under control. She stopped just 6 inches from my lights. Don't like it that close but its better than IN the lights. Here is a couple of pics of her now. Maybe 4 weeks yet, maybe a bit more. SHe fills a 3'x3' chamber completely with buds all over the top of the canopy.

OK, I've been shopping for lights again. I think I found one that fits the bill but wanted to pass it by the group and see what everyone thought (especially if you are familiar with the brand at all). Remember I'm looking at it for a 4x4x7 grow tent. Looks very good with 700 real watts and an $80 rebate makes which makes it only $446.99 all on top of what looks like some very good specs (too good maybe??????). Thanks in advance for the feedback. UPDAYDAY UU7000 LED Grow Light Sunlike Full Spectrum Grow Lamp 5x5ft for Indoor Plants Grow Room Veg and Bloom Dimmable Thermometer Hygrometer Timer : Patio, Lawn & Garden

I went to graduate school in southern mississippi in the 80s. One of my friends took a bunch of us out to a private club out in the sticks telling us he had heard there was going to be some really good music there that night. Turns out it was one of the old old private "black clubs" from way back and whenever BB King was in the area he would drop in and play a couple of sets. I have no idea how my friend got wind of it but the music was GREAT! 

New picture at ~8 weeks old (2 days short of). She is just shy of 40" tall and moving on to budding. 

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