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Thanks, I know where I’m getting mine now.

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Wow, that’s cheap!  Have you used them?

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For you folks that use them, do you ever clean and reuse your fabric pots?

I’ve been using new one every grow and they’re getting pretty spendy around here, if you can even find them…

Thanks Dylan fan!  Everybody must get stoned…..

Glad to be here.  I’ll be posting more when I start up again, right now I have too much weed.  Helluva problem lol

I'm an indoor, Quantum board, dirt grower.  

Well, My name is Dan, and I’m collecting social security so I’m old in years.

mentally I’m closer to 30 or so.  Love to grow killer weed!

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I calibrate every 2 weeks, it usually only moves a couple of 10ths.

Most growers will tell you to stay away from MG when growing weed but its only because its the marlboro of fertilizers aka the big guys and they do not want Miracle grow getting there foot in the door.

As long as you know your nutrients or NPK & you don't over feed you should be fine

That’s up to you, of course, but I’ll keep doing what works for me.  I know it’s cheaper to use, maybe that’s why some people use it.  Growing organic isn’t cheap!  

don't under stand bad chemicals ???  should i stop using in the garden i eat what i grow and use miracle~grow  undecided  undecided  

I also use it on my veggie starts to get them going and for my roses and other flowers.  Sure works great for that.  It’s bad if you smoke chemicals.  Most people flush the grow before harvest to clean up whatever’s left, even with organic grows.  I didn’t mean to alarm you, I’m very pro organic.  I’m sure Miracle Grow is better than what commercial veggie farmers use.  Again just my 2cents.

i remember when i first came here someone waz using miracle~gro and done good .....

Miracle Grow has a bunch of bad chemicals in it, I try to be as organic as I can.  I don’t want to smoke chemicals, that’s one reason why I grow my own, I know what I’m getting.  Just my 2 cents….

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For you folks that use them, do you ever clean and reuse your fabric pots? I’ve been using new one e…
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