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When you do fancy having a go Northern lights would be great.

Fast flowering and not much smell.

To be honest with tent's and carbon filters you can grow anything now.


Added a comment to grow lamps 

I think you'll find a true 1000w Led would leave any CMH away.

Don't confuse what cheap light manufacturers claim. What matters is what it draws from the wall.

What space are you going to grow in?

I grow in bubblers and my tap water is soft. 100ppm. I use calmag up to the 4th week of flowering.

I had all sorts of problems before with deficiency.


Extra pair of hands for trimming. Lol. 

Tell the Lad to get a storage unit and you can get a Jungle boys style grow on. 👍



This is my first Nirvana grow.

Also using a new light this time.

Telos 6 pro which draws 175w. So even when the UVB goes in we'll be less than 200w for this grow.

Thanks for the nice comments.

These two are in a Brummie bubbler and 80 cm tent. The lights are are Samsung QBs 240w each. The lights are drawing 175w each and a Migro UVB fluorescent for last week's of flowering.

The Rhino grow is my first using a Telos 6 pro 175w. I'm not convinced it's enough power for a 80cm tent.

Time will tell.

Chinese generic Quantum board's.

I'm using 2 X 240w board's pulling about 175w each in an 80cm tent.

Also use a UVB fluorescent 18w Migro for the last 2/3 weeks.

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