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Got a second between thunderstorms to take a few fresh pics to share with yall enjoy

    • I would cultivate around the base of these girls to increase the water to the roots. Just use a spade shovel. These will also eat a bunch when they start gettin bigger ! Happy grown

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      • Thanks for that info appreciate that insight planning too August 1st next time I add my next round of compost manure 1st and 15 and I usually turn it into the soil outside the branch reach currently that and a fish emulsion I make from pan fish I fish outta the reseavor behind my house feed them with that twice a week seems to be a good nutrient setup for these girls.

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        • She looks good man but I’d defoliant it a little an chop off the bottom branch’s near the soil before it starts to flower, so there’s less chance of bud rot.

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