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pie tin? what flavor of pie Ben?


seriously though, when i do paper towel i wring it out a bit and put it in a plastic bag to retain the moisture. dark warm place

    • i wonder if makes any diff as to what kinda pie it was?....i never use so much water with paper towel method to have to wring it out b4 addin seedz...i take the faucet on sink an make it just a tiny lil stream and run the stream over the folder over paper towel  making it just moist, and then i open it back up an place the seeds in an fold it back up an stick it in a samich bag an fold the flap over...i never open it back up to see f they poped yet...i hold the baggie with paper towel up to a bright light like my T5 lamps..an i can see the lil tails when they pop out..only fold the paper towel over a coule times each way an make like a lil pouch...but this is just my method..to each their own as they say...GL

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      • Lemon meringue for sure.had to eat 20 to have enough tins.lmao.you guys got me on that one

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