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I don’t agree with Russia invading Ukraine however we have been pushing the NATO borders up there ass for years even putting missiles in Poland pointing right at them they have warned this administration since Obama that that was a red line. It would be like them putting missiles in Cuba. Then you have Hunter Biden on the board of directors months before we send trillions over to fund a war to kill young men. NATO is basically the United States it goes deep Rick we instigated a lot of this crap. I have yet to see one audit of where that money is going just like the money they sent to Middle East in pallets they “lost” to stop all about money and power there all scum bags

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      •  dont think we send trillions of dollars to the UK or other countries..its the ammo and equipment we send...like missles and tanks ect ect..they cant just go to the corner hardware and buy that equipment...and also we make the ammo an equipment we send so the folks that work there where the stuff is made make good money .... and i agree about us pushing NATO on to russia's door step....by the same token about taiwan off china's coast they hate us for doin that and we hate havin china an russia on our door step too in cuba and central america...its like totally nutZ!

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