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Thanks king I had some changes to make. I love the new light but it is a power hog. I had my window shaker a/c and light on same circuit and it would trip the a/c than I had to deal with heat issue light inverter gets super hot and have a fan on it constantly than the heat from the LED’s so another fan on that. I never grow this far into summer it’s already in low 90’s so I just bought a 9000 btu portable a/c which has a huge vent tube so although I love the light it’s been a lot of work.

    • I got a 10,000 btu portable...A portable unit has nothing on a window unit (and then ya gotta pipe the exhaust)...But if ya aint got a window the the portable is the only option...I only use the portable one to dry my harvest...Plants look killer!!!

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      • Thanks Rick I agree and the exhaust vent tube is 6” not 4” I have got temps in 60’s lights off and gets up to 75 lights on. The issue I’m dealing with now is the condensation from the dryer when it runs I’ll text you some pics today

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