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I bought some seeds from a company recently,  and when I got them they had a cut in them and you could see the cotyledon. They said they were "pre-germinated." WTF !!! I don't like it ! I never would have bought them if I'd known that ! Ole well, we'll see !!

    • What was the company name if you don't mind I ask

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      • Supreme seeds 

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        • I wonder why they do that? Maybe to say they have a 100% germ rate, but I would not like that as well. Thanks for the heads up.

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        • I called the company and they assured me they WERE NOT pre-germinated. They also said they tried to change the wording on the packaging, but was told it would be to expensive. HMMMMM ! Somebody fucked with these seeds. They were cracked open. This story ain't over...stay tuned !!. Peace

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