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What happened to all the old members that used to be on this site? Before the switch there was alot of people I used to do trades with and get alot of great knowledge! Hydro kid, nugwitch, etc.... And I'm trying to remember who the person was that always used to talk about autos rock! Those were from my early days here. 

    • Nugwitch got run off by pipeman...I been here a long time but have had several name changes...

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      • Airplane pops in on a rare occasion along with Hip Old man (HOM)  Sanboisie (SBL) stops in on occasion as well... I think Harley got popped, just what I think...But yea pipes got mad at nugwitch and posted her address and phone number in public, why? No telling I'm sure it was something trivial...

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        • this is me waz the bestest with auto's i miss her ... 

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