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I find it hard to see in transplanting this if it gets to that stage. Can anyone help me foresee things with this kind of situation? Kinda what will you do if ur in this situation? 

    • You have to prevent yourself from getting in that situation...

      What I do is use those pellets that swell up when you wet em, once you see a root or 2 coming out of it I put it in a solo cup half filled with whatever I'm going to grow it in, then set the seeding in there that way when it stretches you can add soil or whatever as needed per the stretch...

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      • I take it the roots are beyond the bottom of the cardboard roll...If that's the case I'd just let it go eventually or at some point the cardboard roll can go down the road at some point...

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        • I hope u don’t mean to say let the whole seedling go? Or is that what u meant to say?

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        • Let her ride, don't overwater, and be patient . DON"T FUCK WITH IT ANYMORE ! If she was meant to grow she'll grow !! GL

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          • let it grow! It will be ok...

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