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I didnt know this so I thought I should share maybe others dont either. DLI stands for daily light integral which is essentially the total amount of usable light or "PAR" a plant has received in a day.

This is part of a email I got from Chilled Tech about the  Growcraft X5 – 600W LED

"Our chart measures PPFD which is one of the variables when calculating DLI. The other variable being the hours the light is on."
"PPFD refers to photosynthetic photon flux density. This is the amount of PAR or photosynthetic active radiation in a specific area and it is measured in micromole-per-"meter squared per second (μmol/m2/s)."
"This should help you understand DLI - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daily_light_integral

"The PAR map for the X5-600W for example is done in a 4x4 area and is the intensity you will see with stationary light."

This was my favorite statement, I asked how other manufacturers could claim a foot that the charts clearly show isnt true

"We find it exhausting the amount of misinformation that is spread in this industry."

  • I just use the tent buddy app it has a nice DLI meter, it's worth a look, it also has a vpd calculator too

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    • I will check that out. The Photone app I have measures it also, 2 gages is a good idea, 3 never is. lol

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