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Closely watching the trichomes on the Original Glue harvest. Absolutely sticky with Glue lol. I'm seeing some of the heads turn to an amber color even though the over all consistency seems more clear yet than milky. Is this just a characteristic of the strain, as it is more of a couch locking strain per say? Is some ready or should I hang in for a bit longer?

    • Are the amber heads on a leaf or a calyx? The ones on the leaf turn 2-3 weeks ahead of the ones on the calyx and its the ones on the calyx you want to see.

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      • Perfect! Thanks CPW! The amber heads are on the leaves only at this point. So, this helps gve me an indication that I'm still about two weeks out. I've had some hiccups along the way, but have also got good advice and a lot figured out. Damn some of it is really starting to look amazing for my first crack at it. I've never bought good seeds before. It smells so good and is so sticky!!! Its so hard to be patient at this point.....It's like having to take a real bad leak that whole last month lol...

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