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I'm new.

I'm new here. From ny 

So I was wondering I'm trying to buy some seeds from here. 

Is there a certain credit card I have to use. My visas cards do not work even with the bank lifting off the restrictions 

Happy Friday 😊 

Thank you!

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    • welcome to WP Jeff..sorry to hear this...you can go over to the shop website part and scroll way down to bottom there and open a support ticket and ask then...GL

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      • They told me to try another card. I only have visa. I don't have tons of credit cards. Lol. 

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        • Thank you. 😊 

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        • Welcome !!

          For some unknown reason, Nirvana has always been intermittent when it comes to accepting VISAs.

          If it doesn't work this week, try again next week.

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          • Welcome to the the portal Jeff, I have never tried a Visa I got a capital one card $300 max just for seed ordering plus you get cash back. MIT trying to encourage more credit cards but I guess I am. Looking forward to your grows. What strain are you 👀 at to get first so many good ones. What is your preference?

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            • Hi hulk. 

              I'm a new grower so I'm in trail and error. I did do a tons of research before starting this journey.   Right now I'm growing grand daddy purple and bubblicous I got from nirvana 

              Now my visa card is no good. Lol. I don't get it. 

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              • Sweet, I haven’t grown either strains yet but plenty other of Nirvanas they keep adding strains which is awesome, there genetics have always worked well for me. Looking good so far, don’t hesitate if you have any questions plenty of talented growers willing to help you on your journey. Thanks for sharing.

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              • Jeffreyscott2  if you have problems with the payment i would advice you to send a ticket to support@nirvanashop.com so Alice can look into it (She is from the payment department)

                Unfortunally i do not know anything about payments myself otherwise i would have given you advice myself.

                Do keep in mind its weekend now so office is closed and i am the only one online, but when you send a ticket she will reply to it on monday.)

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