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Yes. Alice is trying again. 

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So what happens when the seeds get intercepted 

I live in Buffalo NY. 

The envelope was ripped open with a violation letter in it. 

I tried emailing Alice no response 

Weed is legal in ny 

The piece of paper stated that the seeds were destroyed due to mail violation 


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Hi hulk. 

I'm a new grower so I'm in trail and error. I did do a tons of research before starting this journey.   Right now I'm growing grand daddy purple and bubblicous I got from nirvana 

Now my visa card is no good. Lol. I don't get it. 

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They told me to try another card. I only have visa. I don't have tons of credit cards. Lol. 

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I'm new here. From ny 

So I was wondering I'm trying to buy some seeds from here. 

Is there a certain credit card I have to use. My visas cards do not work even with the bank lifting off the restrictions 

Happy Friday 😊 

Thank you!

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