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Air exchange

I have noticed with more plants perspiring it gets really stuffy in my grow room, I have a 5000 btu window shaker that doesn’t cycle off bringing fresh air in and only air leaving is what a/c pumps out. I don’t know squat about air exchange in technical terms but here is my idea and welcome yours. If you notice previous owners put a small cat door in laundry room door I was thinking of taking my carbon canister filter and hooking a dryer vent hose to it and put other end in cat door that way light doesn’t show as well. I was thinking it might be too much but forgot filters can be adjusted. Cannot vent into attic because roof over laundry room is flat unlike rest of house.

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    • looks doable but the door opens in so unless you rig on the outside of the door you'll run into it when it opens. you can leave the flex loose enough to flex with the door. or pending enough room put your whole exhaust rig on the inside of the door, hang it all together on the back of it. cords move easy so when you open the door the whole thing moves with the door out of the way. looks like you'd have to move what's behind but It's an awesome Idea. that cat door is perfect for the vent

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      • Thanks D here is a pick of backside of door I have a shelf I can put filter in and as you mentioned leave enough slack so door can open , if you noticed the laundry basket just outside room it doesn’t get accessed that much!

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        • Going to take plastic cover off but I see what your saying how it opens.

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          • I'm curious...

            Door's closed, AC running, no air INLET.  Ok, cool, you've got a closed system.

            Add an exhaust vent...

            Where's the extra air coming from, that the fan is sucking out of the room?

            Sounds like you're creating a vacuum, and gonna overwork your fan.

            And without fresh air coming in, whatcha helpin'??

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            • I am not sure I also have a vent from house a/c but only pushes air in when it cycles this is the issue I was worried about guess I can try it but something was telling me it was a far shot. The a/c is mounted in a access door on side I sealed shut wouldn’t be hard to add fan thanks bro

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            • Consider adding CO2 to the room and see how that goes. If it is a sealed room it wont be too expensive as long as people using the washer dryer keep he door closed. I will be honest I wasnt thrilled with the results when I added C02 to my room. 

              The previous owners had a litter box in there and probably a dog that thought it was a buffet  

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              • Interesting idea CPW never crossed my mind. Yeah room is sealed tight doesn’t get opened much damn near a time capsule. With 7 different strains I think I will find out soon which ones likes tropical climates and which don’t. Is C02 expensive? Thanks CPW

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                • I dont think its too bad once the area is filled, one thing I didnt care for is you need to keep the ambient temps up around 90 deg's for it to be beneficial and if your C02 runs out for a few days while your out of town your going to have foxtails to deal with, and you will end up doing all the laundry on your own. 

                  I think If I were you I would buy a Louvered Dryer Vent Hood, thats how I pump the air out of my basement growing area. Leave the filter where you have it and pipe the air to the vent and put the fan between the filter and the vent

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