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Getting ready to start a couple 24k Gold

So I’m trying to stop making mistakes early on this run.  Was told by one of the members to not use veg nutes when using a good soil.  Went with FFOF soil this time in 5 gallon pots.  What types if any types of things do you add into the water or soil if dry suppliments for the veg stage to try and help the soil be ready for the flip? I’m using Aurora Innovation Roots Organic line of nutes so I’ve got several options.

Planned on vegging this run for 3 weeks or so then flipping.  Thanks for any ideas or tips!  Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

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    • 5 gallon pot of FFOF, I'd add Calmag and microbes, for the first month or so. 

      FFOF is pretty hot soil, but you always need extra calmag, and microbes are always a good thing.

      Anything she's lacking, she'll let you know.

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      • Congratulations on your harvest! When I grew in soil (ocean Forrest and then happy frog) I still used base nutrients just in much smaller quantities. I totally agree with RbtAsq's answer. If you are lacking she will let you know. Imo, you should try coco loco. It is an awesome grow medium. 

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        • Sarge, another good looking harvest. Congrats.

          So I use FFOF after Happy Frog and the first 4-6 weeks I will only give them supplements and cal mag for me the cal mag is usually after week 3. The beauty with that is the plant has used up most of the nitrogen and you can start your flowering nutes this has worked well for me. I have gotten pretty good at judging when to give them nutes before a deficiency starts based on how ferocious they eat. I am also for now on always going to give them silica because one member posted and I forgot who maybe chubby that tricomes are primarily made up of silica. Hope this helps.🤙

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          • Great job on the harvest

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