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New Beans Arrived!!

Well after seeing someone's post on here about 24k strain and reading about it traits it sounded amazing to me.  Decided to go with the Seed Bank and they were very easy to deal with and had them to me in less than a week!


Im really trying to get over this reoccurring nightmare of somewhere along the process I get something wrong and then chase my tail to the finish trying to fix what I screwed up.  Seems like around or just after the flip is when the train derails and I start to see some issues.

Im using two different PH pens to cross check my Ph levels to stay in the 6.2-6.7 level, and once ph is set Ill check PPM and dial that to the recommended level.  Following the Aurora Innovations Feed schedule that I've Dailed back to about 45% from recommended and still have to dilute to reach PPM Target.  Ive tried some of the best Brands of dirt, Aurora In. Roots Organics line of nutes, and have RO Water system set up for my water source.  All these pcs and I can still screw up a wet dream!


My buddy is using some nutes that help control the PH to the right levels, said he hasn't checked PH one time or PPM for that matter and his SCROG net is absolutely JAMMED full of the best run he has had.  No signs of deficiencies at all.  

Can someone hit me with a big ass stick or something and get me on the right track?  I know I'm still new to this great adventure but damn I want to be good at this like all the amazing growers on here!  Ill take any tips, comments, criticism or whatever you got.  I got thick skin and a skull to match (as my wife says) so bring it on!


Hope everyone has and excellent day and thanks for all the great posts on here I can draw info from!


Pic is from this last run, welcome to the Shitshow! lol

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    • You are using RO water?


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      • Yes sir

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      • what kind of light you running?

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        • I’m running Kind K2 650xl Leds, pics w my iPhone always have this reddish purple hue.  

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          • Good answer here and the proof is in the pictures he posts. Its hard to accept but less really is more when it comes to growing. I am not sure if I am saying this for you or for me. 

            Your Raspberry Cough came out great and that is not the easiest plant to grow. Start back with how you grew those and add or subtract a little at a time.  

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            • K3 Series2 XL600 LED


              you guys rock, and can’t tell you how much I appreciate the help!!  Also, I need to proof read my posts and get my info right. I’m about to cut the remaining plants, and clean everything.  Plan to only run 2 in each tent this time, till I get it figured out.


              I think you gave me a golden nugget of info Hulk!  Makes perfect sense that I’ve poisoned them by the time the flip comes and they just don’t recover.  Going to go with your system and see what happens.  Can’t tell you how much the help means to me!

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              • Thank you for the compliment!  My grandfather always told me the sun shines on a dogs butt every once in a while, might have been my moment w the raspberry cough!  Lol

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              • looking good my friend ...

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