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WP People.

If I’ve ever said anything to anyone to upset them, I’d like to say I’m sorry now - it wasn’t my intention.

I like to grow weed, joke around and offer help if someone is having a problem, I make mistakes myself and I don’t always give perfect advise but I hope you all count me as a friend or will count me as one.

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    • Agreed no issues witcha thanks for the post Joshua

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      • We ALL try to help other growers on WP . As most growers know, there's more than one way to grow weed ! We all bring something different to the table. WP growers have never been out to bash other growers, we're here to help !  PS Josh you're an ASSHOLE..he,he,he  

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        • No problems here, but I dont want yours or anyone else’s points.

          If someone does have a problem with another member couldnt they try and aire it out in Chat instead of leave? Just a thought. 

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          • No issues here,  bro keep on growing!

            We are all in this together and no one gets out alive. So be kind and stay wierd

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            • If someone has a problem with another member in my opinion, leaving is a bad choice. People come to this forum for good reason, to learn to grow and share what their grow is about, seeing different ways to grow and to share all the many sexy strains out there. Taking a break to rethink things is probably the best choice cause many of us has done it, we come back and pick up where we left off.

              There are a handful full of people on here that I can't stand and absolutely have no use for but I'd be damned if I'm gonna leave because of them! My answer to this is fuck them, hope you don't get tired of seeing me cause I'ma coming here everyday not to turn this forum into a mental health reach out program and whine that my feelings are hurt but to show you mofos what I grow, how I grow and share whatever knowledge or seeds that I can give.

              If some people don't like me my answer is too bad! I don't like your ass either! Just grow your shit and keep the drama off the forum.

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