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Old seeds

I have some really really old seeds here. About 50-100 I couldnt be bothered counting really. I got myself a bottle of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide today and was thinking of making a little RO water and make a 1% solution. 

What to do next? Make 30 ml batch on a small tray and drop the seeds in halfway covered covered and put them in a cupboard?


Any other suggestions?


I dont really care that much to be honest but I might as well give it a try.

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      • Put your peroxide mix in a small glass. Drop your seeds in.

        Wait 24-72 hours. The ones that are still floating, I wouldn't spend my time on.

        Run with the seeds that sink.

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        • Not to be a dick, but I dropped 5 seeds in water yesterday, straight from the tap no Ph or supplements and 4 of the 5 have tails on them tonight and all are floating. Ok so maybe it was to be a little bit of a dick.  LOL

          I dont have time to put them in rockwool tonight so they will probably be dead in the morning. Karma hates me

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        • How old are the seeds ur trying to pop man.

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          • I was gifted the seeds about 7 years ago and they were old already back then. I have no idea about strain or age really. I am about to order new ones but thought I could as well try these first. 

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            • I have popped seeds 7-8 years old and I have had fails from seeds I just bought. You never know how old they are when you get them. I think its called "nicking" when you take a set of fingernail clippers and cut off the pointed end, the times I tried it was called "find the seed before the cat does". I have had good luck lining a match box with sand paper and shaking the seeds in that for a while to thin the shell, but for all I know they would have popped by just dropping them in the media or water + H202

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              • I already tried 4 of them into grow  plugs, been about a week now, nothing. I lose nothing by trying here I feel.


                I remember also doing that nicking thing, lotus seeds I recall, quite big, also flying all over, went outside after a few misfires.

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