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My thoughts on Landrace Sativa's

My thoughts on landrace Sativa's is about the same as getting a coyote pup or bobcat kitten at birth and making them into a house pet. Eventually they all revert back to undomesticated wild animals. So unless this Jamaican Sativa Landrace is kick ass bud I will stick to already domesticated strains.

These are the 6 clones in the Ebb & Flow I hope the stretch is over and they settle in soon

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    • I understand where your coming from, hopefully she will reward you with grade A smoke. You may also want to get a stool and a whip until stretching is done.

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      • I think the stretching is over now but this damn thing stretches more than an Autoflower on pure N

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      • You are probably right but I think there is something cool about a true landrace strain. The only one I have experience with is Maui Waui and it was one of the best smokes I have ever had! That is a cool looking grow you have going on there! I would love to see how that one develops !

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        • Me too, I am going to hold off on the starting the next so these can finish or maybe I will veg them in another spot

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        •  My Malawis were an experience, too. If yours turn out like mine did, it's worth the wait.

          Bought regs, to breed with. But with those kinda flower times, you gotta plan 5-6 months out.  lol

           I'm curious to try a landrace indica, one day.

          Maybe by spring you'll have pics of her, ready to harvest! Looks like it's gonna be a BIG one!!

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          • Thanks, this has been challanging, another good example is buying a horse after its broke. Before they were broke back then the were a little cheaper but they made up for it in ER bills

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