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When do you all do your final defoliation taking the remainder of the water leaves and leaving the sugar leaves? i got 1 more week of heavy nutes and after that its just water and let ripen.if i am supposed to leave them on let me know. ive seen vids where they strip all the fan leaves maybe a week or 2 b4 harvest they just dont say exactly it more vague. im growing GS cookies auto

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    • I defoliate regularly throughout my grows but it really depends on the grower. Ask 10 different growers, you will get ten different answers. Towards the late stages of flower I will take any large fan leafs remaining

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      • After the third week of flower I take only leaves blocking bud sites. I do a heavy defoliation about 20 days into flower taking all fan leaves and more.

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        • remember MOre light = Bigger Buds    Yes - take all the fan leaves off   here is a good rule : in defoliation the "sapce" defoliated has to be 2/x's it's size of the fan leaf defoliated. - this is for general defoliation NOT heavy  hope this info helps   (you are moving light blockes the sugar leaves take over !!!!! - have done ot both ways the latter works best)  here is how defolation goes :

          do a heavy defo in week 4 of Veg

          do a light  defo 1 day berfore transiton stage (12/12)

          do a heavy defo in week 4 of flower

          (very light pruning thr-out grow -- 3-4 leaves)  Its all about LIGHT and BUD SITES

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          • Can’t smoke the leaves lose the big fan leaves down below and anything blocking buds 

            I do it in stages and whenever I feel a leave or a branch has to go it has to go in veg or  in flower depending on how bushy the plant is also your plant must be healthy it can take it only way 

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            •  your defoliation depends on the strain grown - you will find that 100% sativa strain don't need much depoliation compared to indica and indicia hybrids  then agin it;'s in direct corrlection to your growing methods

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