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so would you suggest to go ahead and start pulling the yellowing leaves and leave the good ones?

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When do you all do your final defoliation taking the remainder of the water leaves and leaving the sugar leaves? i got 1 more week of heavy nutes and after that its just water and let ripen.if i am supposed to leave them on let me know. ive seen vids where they strip all the fan leaves maybe a week or 2 b4 harvest they just dont say exactly it more vague. im growing GS cookies auto

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right!!!! and theres growth all over it. i was rading someones post on google and they said the had the same thing and the bud was the size of a football

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as soon as the sun comes up i will. aparently its a rare mutation called fasciation

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anyone ever get a flat stem? like a thick ribbon. bout half inch wide

i like going in right after the light comes on. i get chills every time

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i use emerald harvest full line

thank you guys! i was SO not expecting to win!

mau in 1995! thanks for contest!


o wow that was unexpected! i sent a support ticket into the main store site Jim. thanks a ton for the contest!

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anyone ever get a flat stem? like a thick ribbon. bout half inch wide
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