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Same strain in different soils...

Ok so, due to a curious mind, on my second ever SCROG I used 8 different soil cominations using Fox Farm products. The three medias used were Happy Frog, Ocean Forest, and Strawberry Fields. I solo cupped certain plants in one soil and potted them in another., while some were solo and potted in the same soils. Look at the difference across the SCROG! It's incredible! Outside of loosing one plant, you would swear that there are 7 different strains in this one SCROG. The diverse range of color, bud size & dennsity and sugar content is amazing. These are all Nivana's OG autos at about 10 weeks. I also made some growing changes this time around like cutting back to 20 on and 4 off with the lights, a better fan, and added pond stone to the bed of the growing table for better under pot air flow. There are buds here that are absolute monsters! I've personally never seen buds that big until now!. The bud size winner would be Ocean Forest in Ocean Forest....Interested to see how potency and taste works out :)

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    • i love that youre doing 3 different soils! what a great experiment!

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      • its cool to do studies like this..the plants looking good filling up net..however using Auto Plants IMO, arnt the best type of plants to use for such a study, as auto's can be so different from each other..  seems like Fem Photo Period plants would be better used.. but good luck ;)

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        • You dont say

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        • Very cool!

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          • I agree with ChAs420 of course but you should also try a soil, coco, dwc grow someday on some photo period clones some day. We would love to know what you find out

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            • Great test, not surprised in the outcome OF us all I use. Beautiful grow.

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