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Experiment in supply

So some of you will be horrified but this is flood table supply. The pots are all set up as autopots using this one tray. Hydroton in the bottoms keep them from actually sitting in it but the plants are being feed on demand. A variation of hydro I guess. 

Why you ask would i do this? I ran out of the auto pots proper and thought what if I just did this instead. Glad to report everything seems to be ok and so far they are happy. 

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Comments (4)
    • Keep an eye out for algae growth, without a cover over the water.

      Other than that, it should work well. A variation of wick hydroponics, using the hydroton, and the fabric bag, as the wicking material.

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      • I thought I would have an algae problem but I haven't as yet. Maybe its because I had the light so close the water turned to steam this time. LOL.  

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      • That is how I run my flood table but I can fill it about 5 inches deep. It works like a wick feed but coco will only pull it up so far. If the top gets dry add a drip feed to the top.

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        • Never know till you try.  If they are happy Keep up the Good Work!!!!

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