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Gotta say this. I had credits from my old account that I thought I had lost. Contacted Nirvana, not only did they walk me through how to get them, they actually gave me little more. Then when I used them I was going to still owe .30. Contacted them again because it didn’t give me address and was told don’t worry about that .30 we got you and are sending out your seeds. And just FYI they are doing BOGO every order. Will let y’all know how longs it takes to get them to me.

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    • i just received an order i placed on new years eve day..that sale they had on the Zkittles Fem..just bought em to add to my collection and also see how fast the service is now over here on this side of the pond...they was closed several days over the holidays but it shipped last tues..i got it in 5 days...no freebies....but i also on the same day i got an order from Delicious Seeds and that order was 1/2 price and 7 freebies an no shipping cost..

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      • What did you order?

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        • its really interesting to see how supply and demand are working here. Competition is fierce. Always been fascinated with economics!

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          • The customer support has always been top shelf and its good to know it still is, now if they could just get rid of the ones making the business  decisions they could get back to what they are, a small mom & pop breeder.

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