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Wow after growing for 20 + years I just bought my first jewelers loupe, and I'm looking at my crop that's now cured. the jewelers loupe just got here today and I wish I had bought it before picking my harvest. I see my trichomes are all clear with very little amber on them. I'm good with that, this time, live and learn.

I think that might be why I can't squish any rosin out of them? even though there's plenty of trichomes on the buds, covered like sugar coated. but the buds are air buds. that's something I've never been able to do is grow tight compact buds. 

This is my best grow as of yet, thanks the switching to DWC, and that's thanks to weed portal and you guys. Thanks guys!!!

Keep up the good advice! and GROW GROW GROW cool

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    • Makes you wonder how much we harvested too soon over the years doesnt it. We I was growing a little back in the day it was harvest time a little after the pistils turned and drew in. 

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      • One saying in here sticks with me is when you are ready to chop give it 2 more weeks very happy for you on your harvest tight nugs are always the goal and are right around the corner good thing is you have backup smoke greatest feeling ever is smoking what you grew while u grow

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        • i dont get in a rush anymore because that means ive got a shit load of trimming to do! I always have more than a few plants to harvest so i take my time and go slowly. OR!! even do a pre harvest trim. al the fan leafs. you just switched to DWC?!?! awesome! what are your thoughts on switching?

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          • it's so much easier and cleaner and no more little flies! I seen someone in here talking about it,      (think it was you Sub) so I looked on youtube to see what was needed and made the switch. now that I have the right nutrients it's so easy, I don't even need to PH using advanced nutrients, I still check it. can't believe how thick the stem gets. OK so here's my thoughts on it.                       DWC it's a good good thing!!!

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