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seed oil

anyone ever make oil from cannabis seeds?

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    • Not with what they are charging for seeds these days, lol. 

      Did you mean RSO?

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      • don't know if it's RSO, it's made with an oz of seeds and enough grain alcohol to cover them and leave out to evaporate, then heat a little to get the seeds free of the oil. they get coated. not to much heat it will cook it. it's been awhile but I think it put out 3 or more grams. and tasted great!!! damn can't even remember how long ago it was that I bought weed with seeds. 

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      • is there any THC in seeds?

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        • No. If there was they couldn't sell them as hemp souvenirs. 

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          • hmm, thought there was thc in the seeds, but Joshua there says no. it's been so long since I made it. now I'm thinking and think maybe it was the pot I was smoking it on that got me the high. I do remember though it tasted really good and the smell mmm mmm tasted like a good hash oil from back in the 70s. I made it in the late 90s, when a friend gave me some moonshine! I can't get it here. they don't sell grain alcohol.

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