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Both AF @ 20 days, my temps are not that great @ 30c. I’m in a very small space at 1’ 6” x 1’ 10.5” exhausted by a 71cfm pipe exhaust fan. My cfl’s are 24w x 6 set at 2 1/2” and 3” distance. I have a strong fan that makes the space breezy. I grow in soil with GH Trio and rapid start. They both look well. No curling and yellow leaves. I’m watering just fine at every 48hrs. The only culprits I could think of are the actual genes, and the 30degree heat. 

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    • might be over watering at 48 hours i only had to water once a week with my auto.with no nutes until it shows needing them. what soil are you in?

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      • Lights are WAY to close! You want them to chase the light. Set them at 28 inches away from the top of the pot and let them grow into the light. 

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        • Are you sure about that? Most of the CFL's I see are right on the seedlings just like this, I dont think they would get anything if those CFL bulbs were 28 inches away would they?.

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          • yes! you are right! did not see what light's they were using. I use all full spectrum light's so I start at 28 -32 inches, MY BAD LOL!!! For that size of a space I would grab a Mars Hydro TS-600W for $80.00 and call it a day.

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            • From what I have seen the folks that start out growing nice buds under CFL's gain a lot of knowledge growing under them and really kick ass when they do step up a better light.  

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            • That's a big pot to be watering every 48 hrs at this stage I had mine in 5 gallon pots and when they were this small sometimes watering every week was too much. When there is too much water present in the soil the plant can stop growing roots and this will lead up to it not taking anything in. When I start my autos I put some coco towards the center and plant in that so it drains really well and I don't throw alot at them with the nutes in the soil. 

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              • IMO watering that much at this point is way to much cos ur giving it nutes that might be in the soil too and WAY to much of everything..i think your lucky they still green and standing upright..GL

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                • i agree with CPW CFL"S need 2 b close 28 inches is 2 far away .....  watering every 48 hours is a lot but then i don't know how much water u r giving each time ..

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