2nd round using this system, Great way to clone!

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    • These have been in here a week now and not for a second did they even drop or have the ugly period. Dome is not need not even a heat mat and you don't need to spray the leaves down 2x a day.  Keep your pH at 6.0 water temps at 70 degrees and it's plug and play!  I liked this thing so much that after I cut this round I went out and got the 32 site one.

      Never gets boring!

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      • Can you share a link as to where you got this?  Making clones is on my list for sure to learn.  You got it going on!!!

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        • You can get them at most grow shops. Even Amazon sells them.

          The grow amazing roots! Just need to start with good heathy cuttings and I've been using clonex rooting solution not rooting rooting gel

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        • i had the easy cloner for a couple years and had terrible results for some reason. so i gave it to a friend to try on tomatoes and now luck either. so i stick to the trusty dome way of doing it with 100% all the time.you system is basically like the easy cloner correct?  

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          • Yep it is easy cloner. Nothing wrong with da old school method. I just find this a little easier. No watching your water level, no misting everyday just plug and play.

            Just out of curiosity you did have pH, water temps in check? And what solution did you use? Cloning gel would wash right off. And did you run your pump 24/7?

            Im kind of new at this that's why I'm being nosey.


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          • I love the one I built, I dont think I have ever had a fail. My best guess is with all that water spraying on the roots it raises the humidity above the top a bit so it works like a dome. Thats my crack pot Saturday morning science anywy  

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            • They are plastic from Amazon but I am replacing them with metal ones thinking they will be more reliable. 



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              • Can you see RbtAsq's reply saying the ones I suggested didnt work for him with a 660 GPH pump? I really hate how this breaks off into discussions.


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                • RbtAsq made a comment to a reply I made and that seems to turn it into a private discussion that not everyone can see. It really defeats the purpose of "community learning". 

                  Basically he said he tried those and they didnt work with a 660 GPH pump

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