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    • Nice CPW ! You can move them around if needed too. Interesting couple of plants. One Indica and one Sativa. You might get a couple of Z's from each plant. They have a ways to go, hang in there ! Where do you live again ? Later

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      • Southern Maine, the  edge of the world. 

        I have learned a bit with this grow, I am just not sure what to do with it. If you set out autos early, they will be ready at the peak of the humidity season and probably just rot. If you set out photoperiods they seem to start to flower in the beginning of the peak humidity season so they are at less risk of bud rot but higher risk of frost. Seems like a green house and photoperiods are the way to go up here.  

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        • If you use synthetic in soil too your damaging it as well to were you’ll have to buy new soil or suffer in the next grow.

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        • My bad, the Indica will yield you closer to 4 Z's ! That's a bushy little bitch ! GL

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          • Considering they are clones, the free lights and I fed these with the mix I drained from the RDWC, I am only out the cost of the high falutin non Walmart bags and some Ocean Forest soil. I am ok with that. 

            I am thinking about trimming that one up tomorrow, it would piss me off to lose it to bud rot at this point. 

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            • so you get free nutes huh? gotta love that. my (non-cannabis) outdor plants love that shit too

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            • PFFFT...you call yourself a GROWER?????

              Those bags don't even say "Walmart" on them!!!


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              • I know, I was just pissing money away when I got those. lol. I have to tell my sister about using Walmart bags for growing, she still goes to the one ATM in her area that will give out $5, and thinks Netfilx is for the well to do.

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              • I was thinkin Maine... that's gotta be tough ! Yeah, trimmin the Indica would be a good move. Be easy on her, but open her up. Heck, your talkin cheap. I use milk crates lined with landscape fabric ID. 7 gal pots !!!! They work great and last forever...oh yeah, and they're FREE !!!  Peace

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