MW moving SOON

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    • That MW is off to the races looks good 👍 

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      • Hey Dee , off topic , I want to thank you and all the other guys and gals for schooling me the past month . My room is nearly ready and I feel like I will be successful from what I have learned , sorry I can't interact more , all I have is a ps4 and it is limited . Thank you for letting me see what I hope I can achieve. Peace !!!


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        • Sharing is caring for me I love talking about growing weed and WP makes it possible have been growing for years and have always hade to keep it on the down low never talk about it never showed anyone pictures my little secret when the kids where growing up could not even think about growing would have to hide whenever I would want to smoke telling  them “going to the store “as soon as they moved out and got my new wife that’s another story I started to grow weed and never shared it with anyone but NOW it’s legal to grow and smoke but I also hold a high position in my company so I can’t really go around blabbing I’m a pot head I grow weed!!

          that’s why I post my pictures to show off my passion for growing to others like me 

          not for the status on WP or points which someone mentioned earlier in the week and I don’t know who they where referring to but ya glad I could be of help

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          • I saw that rude comment a few days ago and was going to reply to it but remained nice. I dont know who they were referring to, either CPW or myself. This was in regards to putting Calmag in their humidifier lol..  


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            • Growing up and smoking doesn't mean being an addict! When we begin to perceive ourselves as normal people who have chosen to smoke instead of drink, then others will have to accept it. While in my head the thoughts that I smoke I am a drug addict, as long as this fear lives in my head then for others I am the antipode. I sometimes find it hard to hold my position that I smoke instead of alcohol, but I know that being afraid and pretending is even worse for me. 

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            • King , you were my first friend here and I appreciate all that I have learned from you . Thank you for letting me peek at your pictures . Coming to Portal was the best thing I could have done to be successful at indoor growing . Peace !!!


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              • i am so happy that u have learned something from me u have made my day !!!!  when i came here ever one help me and still r like u said this is the best place these guys know there stuff they r top shelf 4 sure !!!!

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              • Many of us have and still are learning from king, myself included, never hesitates to offer genuine help as well as many others. This is a great place to be.

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