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Thanks.  Haircut coming soon.

Yeah, I read somewhere that you shouldn't do any defoliation until at least 20-25 days into flower.  After that I will be cleaning up under the net as well as some defoliation on top to expose more bud sites.  Thanks for the advice.

I take the pictures on my phone and email them to myself.  It gives me an option to choose the size of the photo so I always choose a size under 2mb.  

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Wow they look amazing.  I hope my future SCROG grows are half as good.  I would be a happy farmer if they did.

Thanks really looking forward to seeing this plant grow.  I save damn near everything that others throw away and drives the wife crazy, but I always seem to find a use for all the junk.  

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Here is my first photoperiod plant I am growing along with my 4 autoflowers.  It is Critical Purple Kush.  I changed light schedule on 7/1/22 and did a homemade mini SCROG using some leftover aluminum pipes and kite string.  After the third or fourth week of flower I am going to defoliate to expose more bud sites.  Grow is going well so far.  I wish I spread them out a little better than I did but I am happy with the results so far.  I think my next grow will be all photoperiod's and I bought a SCROG net for my 4x4 tent.  As always any and all comments are welcome.  

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Thanks great to be back.  I missed growing and chatting with you all here.

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So on my original post I went back and looked at my seed containers again.  I must of smoked a bit too much the day I labeled everything because I made a mistake in identifying my strains.  From the latest picture I have update what I am growing.  Four biggest plants are all autos.  Top left is Blue Mystic (bought back in 2019 from Nirvana), top right is Zkilttles, bottom right is Blue Dream, and bottom left is Bubblicious.  

You will notice a plant in the middle.  I had some photoperiod seeds and decided that once my autos start to flower I would start a photoperiod since my light schedule will be 18/6 for the entire life cycle of my autos.  That plant is Critical Purple Kush.  I was successful in topping her and spreading her out.  When my autos are complete I will change the light schedule to start flowing and hopefully have my first successful photoperiod grow. 

Update on the grow.  Amazing how much they have grown in the last 4-5 days.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  

Blue Magic.  I have had the Blue Magic seeds for over 3 years now.  Just been overlooked from my previous grows.

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