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Probably one of my favorite times of the plant growth.  Looking at that little guy and wondering what will he look like in the end? 

Nice setup. Looks like one is having a full blown party already!
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Wow beautiful! Can’t wait to see more pics as she matures.
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This is my side project that I started during my winter grow.  I germinated the seed in my Aerogarden and was planning on growing it there the whole time just to see if I can.  After the seed germinated I let it grow for about 2 days and noticed the root wasn’t going through the Aerogarden seed pods so I transferred the seedling to a 1gal pot and broke out my 2x2 tent.  She is now on day 22 of flower and filling out nicely.  I do love growing autos.  

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Harvested all 3 plants and very happy with the results.  White Widow, Jock Horror, and Skywalker OG.  

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For my last 2 grows I have been drying my buds at 60-65 degrees and 60% humidity. It usually takes around 14 days for my larger buds and around 10 days for smaller ones. I only grow in the winter time as keeping my temps and humidity under control is much easier for me. I also use a small fan in the tent just to move the air around a bit and it is never pointed right on my buds.

Damn that is a beautiful sight there!  Amazing job on the trimming.  

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